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Lead and Copper Rule Compliance

Lead & Copper Rule Compliance with 120Water


Initial Lead Service Line Submissions to the Office of Drinking  Water will open May 21, 2024 through the 120 Water Platform

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LCRR, Now LCRI – What You Need to Know 

May 16, 2024 | 2:00 pm CDT
Speakers: Jonathan Cuppett, Laura Vidal, and Lowell Huffman – 120Water
With the service line inventory deadline quickly approaching, let’s talk about everything you need to know ahead of the deadline, and what to expect going forward from there. We’ll answer some frequently asked questions, and answer as many questions live as we can. We understand that the LCRI is complex and want to make sure you walk away with a solid understanding of what to expect. Don’t miss your chance to ‘ask the expert’ your LCRI questions! Plus, enter to win a trip to WaterPro Conference!

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Rural Water Cyber Update: Threats, Vulnerabilities, Regulations & Funding, and Cost-Efficient Cyber-resiliency

May 23, 2024 | 2:00 pm CDT
Speaker: Steve Menges – AlphaGuardian

This webinar will cover the Current Threat Landscape for Rural Water Systems with SCADA, ICS, and/or OT

  • Exactly Who and What are Being Targeted (and Why)
  • How ICS, SCADA and OT Ransomware and Other Cyber Attack Scenarios Play Out Today
  • What Attackers See
  • How Your PWS Can Defend Itself (while also affordably addressing current and future government compliance)
  • The Importance of Gaining Real Visibility
  • How to Respond to a Possible Attack (including how to report and how to engage resources if attacked) 

Discussion of the Best Free and Inexpensive Tools and Available Cybersecurity Funding for PWSs

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Performance Matters: How to Maximize Funding by Optimizing Coatings Service Life to Obtain the Lowest Life-Cycle Cost 

May 30, 2024 | 2:00 pm CDT
Speakers: Randy Moore and Brian Cheshire – Tnemec
The passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act in 2021 is offering the water sector a significant generational opportunity to restore our declining infrastructure.  Over the next five years, over $50 billion will help make up for the shortfall in funding the water sector has been struggling with for many years. To make the most of this new funding, it is imperative to innovate municipal procurement practices to get the “biggest bang for the buck.” This webinar will explain how and why municipalities/utilities should align their procurement practices with their asset management and sustainability goals, drawing from an AWWA Opflow “Industry Insights” column published in July/August 2021. The core concept of asset management states the key objective is the “optimization of life-cycle costs.” 

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BIL Learning Exchange Series: Redefining “Disadvantaged Communities” in a New Water Infrastructure Era  
May 30, 2024 l 1:30 pm CDT

Speakers: Michael Grange, Shannon Fisher, Marissa Jacobi, and Sean Jackson

In this webinar, representatives from Utah, Delaware, and North Dakota Drinking Water SRFs will discuss how they approached redefining disadvantaged communities to meet the spirit of the BIL, the role public participation requirements had in modifying their definitions, and the degree to which these approaches have changed their programs. We will also discuss the challenges states have had in implementing the funding, and what clean water advocates can do to help states achieve the most equitable process possible for source water protection in their programs.

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Maddie Dillon’s 120Water Platform Presentation from DRWA’s 2024 Technical Conference

Solutions presented in partnership with 120Water.com for LCRI Planning Assistance Session Information 

Are you looking for resources to help you understand what’s included in the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) and how to tackle customer communications in order to meet compliance?

120Water just released two NEW! LCRR resources that will help you un-pack the regulations, understand what it means to be in compliance, and understand the resources available to help you tackle communication with your residents and compliance programs.

As the regulatory landscape advances to protect the public from the hazards of lead exposure, utilities are required to meet these evolving standards, including the LCRR, regardless of size or available resources. In response, the 120Water team has put together this e-book to assist utilities in navigating the path to compliance. In this guide we break down:

  • The LCRR Inventory and upcoming programs
  • How to build trust and effective communications with your residents
  • Evaluating predictive models for LSL Inventory and Replacement
  • Funding opportunities
  • And so much more!

You can download and equip your team with this helpful guide by clicking here

Effective communication between water utilities and their residents is critical in maintaining trust with your community as you tackle the LCRR. The Revisions mandate communication components including:

  • Notifications to your residents
  • An online map
  • educational materials
  • engagement with your customers through inventory building and sampling

This Public Engagement Look-book dives into communication best practices, examples of ways you can communicate with your residents, case studies, and services available to help you. Make sure your team is prepared for public communications by downloading the look-book here.




Lead and Copper Rule Compliance



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